Appreciating Rich Communication & Etiquette

Dinner meeting last night with a far-away related couple has left me (and surely the others involved), exhausted and sapped. With the risk of sounding offensive, I would say that some people have an inexplicable ability to drain out even the last drop of energy from your body and mind.

Today morning, I am a better person who appreciates the art of cultured communication like never before.

The loud voices, the interminable fight of the couple to overtake each other’s conversation, the untiring efforts at the new language that sounded like English, the constant pats on my back n arms by the ready-to-fall-on-you wife, relentless rants about the perfections of the noisy boisterous kids, inexorable attempts to show-off the affluence n status, the constant calls to the waiting staff demanding favors – I am sure this is a long enough list to make you run for your etiquette pocketbook to make sure you have your acts in order.

Though the skills of communication and the essentials of etiquette cannot be summarized in one small piece of writing, I will still try to give you a critical list of communication and etiquette related ‘image-breakers’ here so that you do not leave the same poor impression that last night has left on my tired brain –

  • Never ever try to merge a business meeting with a family get together, it is almost impossible to carry on a business discussion along with constant bursts of childhood stories and screaming kids.
  • Always remember, ‘conversation’ involves two different people or group of people who exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences; and the two different people can be just you and your spouse when you are alone, not when you are meeting someone else…that ‘someone else’ also deserves a chance to communicate.
  • A constant pat, back-slaps, poking and falling over the other person in your excitement is ‘not welcome’.
  • Children have the right to mischief and fun; but a little learning of etiquettes and proper behavior will go very far with them and they will appreciate you for it when they grow up to face the real life.

A lesson learnt in early years is a habit formed for life.

  • Personal questions about values, income, religion and married life will never help in your attempt to get close to a person in your first meeting. These are the sure ways of driving someone away!
  • You are not the only one who is going to eat the entire order – please give an option of choice to others sitting at the dinner table before monopolizing the ordering process.
  • Acting as if you own the restaurant and the staff won’t add to your profile. Remember there are other people to be served as well. Be polite to the waiting staff – it will speak volumes about your nurturing and personality.
  • Absolutely never humiliate or criticize anyone’s child, this is one act that absolutely none can appreciate.
  • Save your obscene personal jokes for your private moments, do not honor others with them.
  • Don’t invite yourself – give the other person an opportunity to know you better and extend the invitation when and if they wish to do so.
  • Let your image convey your style and status, your string of self-proclaimed affluence will not impress anyone.

Rich impressions are not only conveyed by the way you dress, but your behavior and communication are a vital part of it as well. At an occasion like the one above you will probably not get the chance to flaunt your degrees and promotions, but your body language, etiquettes and communication style will work its magic!

Enroll today with Rich Image, for a concise ‘Communication & Dining Etiquette’ session today to leave lasting rich impressions on every occasion. Your image is your ticket for the place where relationships bloom and career soars.

8 thoughts on “Appreciating Rich Communication & Etiquette

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