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Untitled-1Are you representing the true values & prestige of your BRAND ? Are you Communicating…what you wish to Communicate ?

When skillfully designed and implemented, a corporate brand image (brand name, punchline, logo, corporate communication, customer experience) reflects a company or organization’s commitment to quality, excellence, and service. Does your brand reflects the quality of the services or products you offer ? In today’s dynamism, your customer is informed and has a voice that tweets its opinion every second. It takes 140 characters to build or destroy a brand. A brand can not survive in today’s world on just a dead logo – you have to build a character, a story, an experience; to engage and impress your customer into loyalty. Corporate giants have been shelving out big bucks to hire celebrity brand ambassadors or building virtual brand mascots like ZooZoo and FidoDido. The winner today is the brand whose leader has a personality that speaks to the customers, inspire them to achieve and ignites their dreams. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Ekta Kapoor, Siddartha Lal – are leading the masses today by their mere passion and presence. They have build a Personal Brand that exudes Charisma and Success.

Iza Jameel is a Personal Brand Strategist – an Entrepreneur with Experience, a Senior Management professional with accolades received from the top of the corporate world; she has the knowledge, expertise and commitment to make you Succeed ! Rich Image Consultancy and HappySouls Personal Bradning, are the two verticals run by her and her powerful passionate team of experts. Together, we bring Real Solutions for companies, institutes and individuals – seeking to establish a premium position in a clear and compelling way.

The key ingredient we contribute to your personal brand is Happiness. Happy individuals perform better in every business metric. Happier individuals collaborate better, innovate better, are more accurate, and more healthy. Happier organizations are stronger, more profitable, more productive and retain better talent. When we set out on the journey of inspiring a personal brand for you— its an amalgamation of your true values, your professional polestar, your persona at its best, your dynamic singularity and a soul that inspires happiness.

“We encourage you to lighten up, smile more and laugh a lot.”